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Most people see nothing as emptiness, an absence of existence. 

I see it quite the opposite way.

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Since I can remember, visual arts have always been very present in my path, naturally leading me to graphic design.


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As a graphic designer, my passion is to assist my clients with visual communication while having fun developing their brands and visual concepts through my art style.

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I love combining new medias, styles, colors and beautiful clothes! 

Having an artisan shop felt just right in my flow.

Brazilian Artisan Shop



Creativity is my purest state of mind, it's when I feel most connected to my inner-self

I know I feel creative when I feel light, like a goose feather gliding in the wind

Following my impulses without any serious expectations of the outcome

I move because it feels good, effortless, I just enjoy the ride ...

I'm not sure who is guiding who, creation or creator

I just embrace the expression that comes

As part of myself ... and that is all

I could ever wanna be.

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